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Prairie Harvest Media offers promotional luxury cards from local, regional, and national marketers. Not only can you personalize the direct mail piece with the homeowner’s name, but you can also ensure that it’s mailed at strategic times throughout the year.

Direct Marketing and Lead Generation

Direct Mail Marketing and Lead Generation

Our approach to lead generation is one of the most effective and cost-efficient media options if you’re trying to reach highly affluent households in your area. You can access the highest-value, owner-occupied homes in your market with the help of our patented, tried-and-true process. We can improve digital circulation by increasing reach and frequency through an integrated digital display campaign, resulting in more sales.

What does RSVP do ?

Mailing List Targets:

Single Family Homes with an Average Value of $805k

Household income above $100k/year

Credit scores 700+

Owner-occupied homes an average of $150k

Weighted towards homes purchased in the past 24 months

Top 14% of Homes In Charlotte

Mailing List Targets


I really appreciate all your hard work and I am 100% satisfied.

Pure Construction, LLC

We have landed 3 large jobs, helping our cash flow tremendously.

Santa Fe Stucco & Roofing, Inc.

RSVP is more targeted than other media and goes to an educated audience.

Wood Creak Dental